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Innovative Cost Saving Solutions To Waste Water Problems

Why Dissolved Air Flotation Works

Air-Whip DAF pumps

The problem of suspended solids in wastewater whether a by product of food processing such as proteins and oils, or mechanical processes where metals such as arsenic and other metals are suspended in water, and the resolution of that problem arise from the same science- and it isn’t always well explained in the best of reference materials.

Here it is: the smaller the particles, the greater the surface area, and therefore- the greater the amount of electro-chemical charge inherent to the particles is present.

Dissolved air by itself isn’t much to crow about. It rises to the top of any water it’s injected into, and escapes.

The basis of the problem, as I said and the cure, dissolved air flotation, both center on this basic physical fact.

Let’s say you have a cube that is 1 foot on each side. That’s 6 sq ft. of surface area, right? Now cut the cube in half. How much surface do you have? You retain the former area and add two more square feet. That’s 8.

Cut each piece in half again and you have 10.67, each piece contributing 1/3 x its original surface area. You grow the surface area by a substantial fraction each time you divide the original. We have a long way to go here because this can go on and on right down to the molecular level, in theory.

You turn a few sq. ft. of surface area into potentially millions when the division gets to the microscopic or molecular level.

If those billions of individual pieces have an electric charge, let’s say a positive charge, you’ve got problems because the particles now have enough charge and small enough mass that they all repel each other- Voila! suspended and unwanted particles in water. They may settle- in days, weeks, months, years… virtually never. You just may want to return the water a little cleaner than you just made it processing food or textiles, so what now?

Dissolved air, as mentioned, won’t help you alone- but you can give it its own charge too. Trace chemicals, usually based on aluminum, usually in parts per million, can be introduced to your water. Seems like more of a mess, doesn’t it?

The chemicals create their own charge and the particles now have something to which they can bond or attach electrically speaking. If you’ve got positive charges on each waste particle, you introduce negative charges on the newly introduced aluminum. A particle of aluminum may attract many waste particles and form a clump. Now we’ve got suspended clumps.

One more introduction of something in very tiny particles with a lot of surface area- and an opposite charge. Air. Not just air bubbles, but microscopic ones with an attitude (a charge) Now we’ve got action. The water is white with these very microscopic bubbles. They have little mass and buoyancy, so they’re not in a dead run for the surface. They collect plenty of your particle/aluminum clusters on their way to the top with millions of units of opposite charged surfaces. All the clusters- original waste solids, clumped in microscopic size bits around flocculant aluminum or other introduced medium, and billions of tiny air bubbles that collect around these larger particles (the air bubbles are extremely small). All rises to the top in a nice sludge the consistency of cooked oatmeal. Skim it off and you have clear water that is clean enough to send back to town without the taxi fare of pollution credits.

keystec air-whip DAF pumpThis operation is known as dissolved air flotation and it’s relatively cheap compared to systems that use membranes to squeeze water through under high pressure. The equipment that does this is called a DAF so that the acronym becomes a noun. A DAF uses varied techniques and DAF pumps to achieve the right balance of chemicals, charges and volume to clean the water for each application. Formulas are generally used and adjusted while the waste water flow is analyzed and the balance of flocculant and air are tweaked. The biggest expense of the operation tends to be the DAF pumps, followed by chemicals to use as flocculant. The cost of chemicals is ongoing, but when a DAF pump must be replaced, it can far outweigh what was spent on chemicals. The Keystec Air-Whip DAF pump reduces this replacement cost to a fraction because it’s both cheaper to manufacture and buy and lasts far longer than the 6 or 12 month life expectancy of most competitors.


DAF Pumps | Air-Whip Pump Out of the Ordinary

DAF Pumps

Dissolved air flotation, the process of injecting microscopic bubbles into an influent to create a flocculant, which is skimmed away. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? It is a simple enough concept. You create small enough parts so that things can be handled on a electro-chemical level. Charges attract suspended particles whose charges are keeping them apart. Microscopic air bubbles, correctly produced, along with the right chemical agents collect all the garbage in wastewater and float it to the top- each particle surrounded by microscopic bubbles that carry each particle away. Mind you, this isn’t the large bubbles produced by some equipment that produces something like chocolate mousse. This is ultra fine microscopic bubbles that do more than just produce a coagulant. Your end result is flocculant, a more solid and “load bearing” composition of very small bubbles. Your end product is much higher in waste content, leaving nearly pure clear water.

The savings can be enormous.

Treated water is much cheaper to send to a municipality than buying pollution credits.

Are you using Hellbender DAF pumps or Edur DAF pumps or another brand that costs thousands of dollars, but wears out in short order under industrial loads? Who wants to spend $25,000 every six months on replacement DAF pumps?

Airwhip pump by Keystec

Enter the Air-whip DAF pump. It’s simple- our pumps last years. Some of our first pumps, installed several years ago are still operating at full capacity today,

Our technology produces the needed micron size bubbles with a specially engineered design that uses a modified standard style pump with much higher durability. One of our pumps actually had a work shirt introduced in the influent and is still running strong after the “experience”.

Inquire now about the Air-Whip DAF pump 888-216-1231. or email

DAF Problem? Easy Solution

A DAF problem that drives an operator to start seeking a solution can usually be sourced to one of two causes: chemical or mechanical.

Chemical if a problem arises with proper flocculation or coagulation then an adjustment in chemical dosing is determined which resolves the core problem. In some dynamic environments, chemical dosing requires constant monitoring and adjustment.

Mechanical There are relatively few mechanical components in a typical DAF. The introduction of air in proper quantities creates many of the challenges found in dissolved air flotation applications including:

  • Short pump life
  • High Cost
  • Complexity
  • Intolerance of Entrained Solids
  • Difficult or Impossible Maintenance

Air-Whip DAF Pump Impeller

The science and innovation behind the Air-Whip pump addresses all of these issues and does so with lower initial cost. The price of the Air-Whip DAF pump is fractional compared to typical DAF pumps on the open market.

The Air-Whip pump is engineered to tolerate both air and entrained solids. One of the pumps actually “ingested” a shirt that was accidentally introduced into the influent and continues to operate today. The Air-Whip pump has a very long life expectancy measured in years rather than weeks and months- typical lifespans of traditional pumps. The reliability and performance of the Air-Whip DAF pump provides both flexibility in operation modes and greatly reduced maintenance costs.

Some of our pumps have been in operation since they were first installed five years ago.

Call for new or replacement Air-Whip DAF pumps for your application and water treatment success.

Call Dave Keys at 714-924-4422. The Air-Whip DAF pump price is a low cost alternative to what you have been finding on the market.

An elegant design delivered inexpensively, the KeysTec Air-Whip DAF pump.

The KeysTec Air-Whip DAF Pump

The KeysTec Air-Whip DAF Pump

Dissolved Air Flotation | DAF Pumps

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