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Can Your DAF Pump Aerate A Shirt? This One Can… | Dissolved Air Flotation At Low Cost

On one of the early Keystec DAF Pump tests, a client was simply too cheap to install screens in his wastewater system.

During a pilot test one of the workers accidentally dropped his shirt into the whitewater. Later the shirt was retrieved from the processed water- the Keystec Airwhip® pump unharmed.

Multi-stage pumps used to make whitewater cost exponentially more. The in-use pumps at this pilot test were getting clogged within weeks. The company was producing microwave bacon. The plant had five DAFs. The Keystec trial pump that started out as a test, and then placed into service five years ago is still running strong today.

Can Your DAF pump perform like this? Are you saving hundreds of thousands on your DAF processes?

We’re talking price ranges from $2,500 to $10,000 depending on size and application. Pumps that last far beyond competitors at economic cost.

If you want serious data driven, proven information about highly efficient, fractionally priced DAF pumps, check out the Keystec Airwhip® DAF pump series at Keystec. Innovative DAF design pump specialists.

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