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Innovative Cost Saving Solutions To Waste Water Problems

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Not By Flocculant Alone – How Dissolved Air Solves A Paper Recycling Problem

Inquire about the Keystec pump: Call Dave Keys at 714-924-4422. My Brother Dan and I went to visit a paper company a couple of weeks ago, here in the Los Angeles area. In East LA and Commerce there are miles and miles of industries that run various processes and you can imagine that recycling wastewaterContinue Reading

Dissolved Air Flotation Strategy for Oil Spill – Water Oxygen Replenishment Cleanup

Dissolved Air Flotation offers a double problem solving strategy in cleanup and removal of oil from the BP gulf oil spill. While centrifuges such as those designed by Kevin Costner, separate suspended oil, a more difficult “byproduct” emerges in the process. “Stick” water, the kind usually derived from fish processing. The resulting emulsified oil/water solution isContinue Reading

Dissolved Air Flotation | Experience

The right DAF – Dissolved Air Flotation – for your application. P-TEC offers equipment and system designs to meet the exact nature of each of our clients’ needs.  Whether your flow is 5 GPM or 3000 GPM, we have a custom solution for your need. Custom Built dissolved air flotation to fit your exact application basedContinue Reading

Dissolved Air Flotation – Applications and Limitations in Wastewater Treatment

Dissolved Air Flotation is widely used in Wastewater Treatment as well as in less traditional applications such as: •   drinking water clarification and color removal •   Algae removal •   By-product recovery  (i.e. metals, etc.) •   Dissimilar solids separation Within Wastewater Treatment, DAF application can be divided into •   Primary TreatmentContinue Reading

Dissolved Air Flotation | Can DAF Solve The Ice Cream Problem?

Can DAF (dissolved air flotation) solve the wastewater problem for ice cream plants? Success is obtained in Dairy Pilot testing. Dissolved air flotation is an effective application for removal of BOD, suspended solids, oil and grease from wastewater used in Ice Cream production and other Dairy processes. P-TEC ran a pilot test study for thisContinue Reading

Dissolved Air Flotation – DAF • Algae Removal Effective?

Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) has proven very effective for algae removal.  (Full Algae TSS Removal article) DAF evaluation was prompted by a state imposed limit of 45 mg/l TSS to discharge into a river. The bulk of the residual TSS in the effluent was daphnia “water fleas” that was visible to the eye. Contact P-TECContinue Reading