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Innovative Cost Saving Solutions To Waste Water Problems

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Dissolved Air Flotation for Solids? How to cope with the problem of white-water systems and pump blockage. A true DAF generates dissolved air.  The process involves dissolving atmospheric air to the greatest saturation possible under pressure and then releasing the dissolved air in the form of microscopic bubbles with the shock developed in a back-pressure valveContinue Reading

Dissolved Air Flotation – Applications and Limitations in Wastewater Treatment

Dissolved Air Flotation is widely used in Wastewater Treatment as well as in less traditional applications such as: •   drinking water clarification and color removal •   Algae removal •   By-product recovery  (i.e. metals, etc.) •   Dissimilar solids separation Within Wastewater Treatment, DAF application can be divided into •   Primary TreatmentContinue Reading

Dissolved Air Flotation – DAF • Algae Removal Effective?

Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) has proven very effective for algae removal.  (Full Algae TSS Removal article) DAF evaluation was prompted by a state imposed limit of 45 mg/l TSS to discharge into a river. The bulk of the residual TSS in the effluent was daphnia “water fleas” that was visible to the eye. Contact P-TECContinue Reading