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Why Dissolved Air Flotation Works

The problem of suspended solids in wastewater whether a by product of food processing such as proteins and oils, or mechanical processes where metals such as arsenic and other metals are suspended in water, and the resolution of that problem arise from the same science- and it isn’t always well explained in the best ofContinue Reading

DAF Pumps | Air-Whip Pump Out of the Ordinary

DAF Pumps Dissolved air flotation, the process of injecting microscopic bubbles into an influent to create a flocculant, which is skimmed away. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? It is a simple enough concept. You create small enough parts so that things can be handled on a electro-chemical level. Charges attract suspended particles whose charges are keepingContinue Reading

DAF Problem? Easy Solution

A DAF problem that drives an operator to start seeking a solution can usually be sourced to one of two causes: chemical or mechanical. Chemical if a problem arises with proper flocculation or coagulation then an adjustment in chemical dosing is determined which resolves the core problem. In some dynamic environments, chemical dosing requires constantContinue Reading

Not By Flocculant Alone – How Dissolved Air Solves A Paper Recycling Problem

Inquire about the Keystec pump: Call Dave Keys at 714-924-4422. My Brother Dan and I went to visit a paper company a couple of weeks ago, here in the Los Angeles area. In East LA and Commerce there are miles and miles of industries that run various processes and you can imagine that recycling wastewaterContinue Reading

Dissolved Air Flotation | Experience

The right DAF – Dissolved Air Flotation – for your application. P-TEC offers equipment and system designs to meet the exact nature of each of our clients’ needs.  Whether your flow is 5 GPM or 3000 GPM, we have a custom solution for your need. Custom Built dissolved air flotation to fit your exact application basedContinue Reading

Can Your DAF Pump Aerate A Shirt? This One Can… | Dissolved Air Flotation At Low Cost

On one of the early Keystec DAF Pump tests, a client was simply too cheap to install screens in his wastewater system. During a pilot test one of the workers accidentally dropped his shirt into the whitewater. Later the shirt was retrieved from the processed water- the Keystec Airwhip® pump unharmed. Multi-stage pumps used toContinue Reading

Dissolved Air Flotation for Solids? How to cope with the problem of white-water systems and pump blockage. A true DAF generates dissolved air.  The process involves dissolving atmospheric air to the greatest saturation possible under pressure and then releasing the dissolved air in the form of microscopic bubbles with the shock developed in a back-pressure valveContinue Reading

Dissolved Air Flotation – Applications and Limitations in Wastewater Treatment

Dissolved Air Flotation is widely used in Wastewater Treatment as well as in less traditional applications such as: •   drinking water clarification and color removal •   Algae removal •   By-product recovery  (i.e. metals, etc.) •   Dissimilar solids separation Within Wastewater Treatment, DAF application can be divided into •   Primary TreatmentContinue Reading

Dissolved Air Flotation DAF Solutions For The Dairy Industry, BOD & TSS Removal In Milk Wastewater

Here is a summary of an actual recent pilot test study.  The pilot test demonstrated the effectiveness of DAF treatment of fluid milk wastewater. PROCESS DESCRIPTION: Fluid milk, cottage cheese, fruit juices, and other dairy products. OBJECTIVES The objective of this study was two-fold: 1. To determine the effectiveness of chemical treatment and Dissolved AirContinue Reading

Dissolved Air Flotation | Can DAF Solve The Ice Cream Problem?

Can DAF (dissolved air flotation) solve the wastewater problem for ice cream plants? Success is obtained in Dairy Pilot testing. Dissolved air flotation is an effective application for removal of BOD, suspended solids, oil and grease from wastewater used in Ice Cream production and other Dairy processes. P-TEC ran a pilot test study for thisContinue Reading