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Innovative Cost Saving Solutions To Waste Water Problems

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Dissolved Air Flotation for Dairy Applications?

Stay tuned for an upcoming article on Dissolved Air Flotation DAF Solutions For The Dairy Industry BOD & TSS Removal in Milk Wastewater Study shows cost effective use of DAF system to remove solids from dairy wastewater. Find out now how DAF Technologies can save you big time. Contact Bob Stone at 800-450-0398.Continue Reading

Dissolved Air Flotation – DAF • Algae Removal Effective?

Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) has proven very effective for algae removal.  (Full Algae TSS Removal article) DAF evaluation was prompted by a state imposed limit of 45 mg/l TSS to discharge into a river. The bulk of the residual TSS in the effluent was daphnia “water fleas” that was visible to the eye. Contact P-TECContinue Reading

Need A Pilot Test? Dissolved Air Flotation • DAF Solutions and Design

THE P-TEC MOBILE DAF PILOT SYSTEM Complete with the following: Mixed Equalization Tank DAF Feed Pump Flowmeter Flocculator DAF System Sludge Collection Tank Sludge Pump pH Controls and Pumps Coagulant Pump Polymer mix tanks with mixers Polymer Pumps Electrical Control Panel Jartesting Lab Pilot System Cost: $ 2,500/week including PTEC Field Engineer Plus travel expensesContinue Reading

A Better DAF Pump Design • Low Cost • Economical • Efficient

The KeysTec Air Whip pump. Engineered on the basis of simplicity and economy of design. This pump lasts exponentially longer and is highly tolerant of solids that clog traditional DAF units. Dissolved Air Flotation DAF PumpsContinue Reading

Low Cost DAF Pump Design Breakthrough for Dissolved Air Flotation

Most of our pumps are still in operation 2 years plus from day one of installation and they cost a fraction of their standard counterparts!Continue Reading

KeysTec Air-Whip Pump – Successful Solution Case for Dissolved Air Flotation

Significant process solids (cracked pepper, meat scraps, trash) are entrained in the water, but passes through the pump without harm.Continue Reading

Our Philosophy is Simple | Dissolved Air Flotation

Our Philosophy is Simple | Dissolved Air Flotation Performance Focus on problem areas where solutions are too costly or perform poorly. Keep the designed solutions as simple as possible increasing product reliability Provide solutions that use readily available, low cost components wherever possible for ease of maintenance and low initial cost. Our products bear theContinue Reading

The Synthesis of Innovative Cost Reduction in Dissolved Air Flotation

The synthesis of KeysTec principles was formed through decades of experience in Industrial Waste Water Treatment systems, analysis and innovation in equipment and system design. Our background in Dissolved Air Flotation application and design was partnered with expertise in information technology, Industrial Control and Process Engineering & Control has  allowed us to bring dynamic innovativeContinue Reading

Solving Difficult Waste Water Treatment Problems – Dissolved Air Flotation

KeysTec, LLC became the quantum leap to the application of sensible engineering principles to the many problems continuing to plague the industry.Continue Reading