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Innovative Cost Saving Solutions To Waste Water Problems

DAF Problem? Easy Solution

A DAF problem that drives an operator to start seeking a solution can usually be sourced to one of two causes: chemical or mechanical.

Chemical if a problem arises with proper flocculation or coagulation then an adjustment in chemical dosing is determined which resolves the core problem. In some dynamic environments, chemical dosing requires constant monitoring and adjustment.

Mechanical There are relatively few mechanical components in a typical DAF. The introduction of air in proper quantities creates many of the challenges found in dissolved air flotation applications including:

  • Short pump life
  • High Cost
  • Complexity
  • Intolerance of Entrained Solids
  • Difficult or Impossible Maintenance

Air-Whip DAF Pump Impeller

The science and innovation behind the Air-Whip pump addresses all of these issues and does so with lower initial cost. The price of the Air-Whip DAF pump is fractional compared to typical DAF pumps on the open market.

The Air-Whip pump is engineered to tolerate both air and entrained solids. One of the pumps actually “ingested” a shirt that was accidentally introduced into the influent and continues to operate today. The Air-Whip pump has a very long life expectancy measured in years rather than weeks and months- typical lifespans of traditional pumps. The reliability and performance of the Air-Whip DAF pump provides both flexibility in operation modes and greatly reduced maintenance costs.

Some of our pumps have been in operation since they were first installed five years ago.

Call for new or replacement Air-Whip DAF pumps for your application and water treatment success.

Call Dave Keys at 714-924-4422. The Air-Whip DAF pump price is a low cost alternative to what you have been finding on the market.

An elegant design delivered inexpensively, the KeysTec Air-Whip DAF pump.

The KeysTec Air-Whip DAF Pump

The KeysTec Air-Whip DAF Pump

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