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Dissolved Air Flotation | Can DAF Solve The Ice Cream Problem?

Can DAF (dissolved air flotation) solve the wastewater problem for ice cream plants? Success is obtained in Dairy Pilot testing.

Dissolved air flotation is an effective application for removal of BOD, suspended solids, oil and grease from wastewater used in Ice Cream production and other Dairy processes. P-TEC ran a pilot test study for this application while determining the coagulant and dosing levels for specific reclamation.

In this test, plant effluent was delivered to a 1100 gallon coagulation pH buffer tank. The coagulated, pH adjusted water then was introduced to P-TEC Model MD-2442 20 GPM Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) System with an integrated flocculator. Here, flocculant was dosed.

Each test was preceded by jar testing to determine the usual needed chemical dosing rate. During each test, monitoring included, dosing, flow rate, aeration, etc. Hourly samples of influent and effluent were taken in 500ml amounts as well as sludge samples to to estimate produced volume.


DAF Pilot Test Results - Dissolved Air Flotation

DAF Pilot Test Results - Dissolved Air Flotation