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Innovative Cost Saving Solutions To Waste Water Problems

Dissolved Air Flotation | Experience

The right DAF – Dissolved Air Flotation – for your application.

P-TEC offers equipment and system designs to meet the exact nature of each of our clients’ needs.  Whether your flow is 5 GPM or 3000 GPM, we have a custom solution for your need. Custom Built dissolved air flotation to fit your exact application based on extensive expert experience in DAF design and innovation.  From grease removal in a restaurant to water recovery in a paper mill, we can offer the solutions that will solve your problems.  We have experience in:

Meat and Poultry Dairy Industry Sugar Juice & Syrup Clarification
Paper Industry Algae removal Metals precipitation
Rendering Biomass separation Textile Dye and Finish
Fruits and Vegetables Food processing Sludge thickening