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Innovative Cost Saving Solutions To Waste Water Problems

Dissolved Air Flotation Strategy for Oil Spill – Water Oxygen Replenishment Cleanup

Dissolved Air Flotation offers a double problem solving strategy in cleanup and removal of oil from the BP gulf oil spill. While¬†centrifuges such as those designed by Kevin Costner, separate suspended oil, a more difficult “byproduct” emerges in the process. “Stick” water, the kind usually derived from fish processing. The resulting emulsified oil/water solution is typically separated using DAF – Dissolved Air Flotation equipment onsite at food processing plants.

Complicating the cleanup of oil contaminated water in the gulf the process that nature itself has already begun. Microbes are consuming the oil in a feeding frenzy and multiplying to match the supply. This new population, in turn, creates proteins in their waste and simultaneously depletes available oxygen in the water. Fish are reportedly leaving en-masse for water with enough oxygen to sustain life. Fish which normally avoid each other or hunt each other from sharks to marlin are swimming in virtual refugee convoys.

Dissolved Air Flotation Water Cleanup Oil SpillDissolved Air Flotation can deal with the emulsified oil in the new dead zones, the proteins and replenish oxygen all at once. The Keystec Air Whip pump, installed in custom Dissolved Air Flotation equipment is the core of a long lasting super air-injecting and waste collecting system that is equipped to speed shallow water marsh recovery.