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Not By Flocculant Alone – How Dissolved Air Solves A Paper Recycling Problem

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My Brother Dan and I went to visit a paper company a couple of weeks ago, here in the Los Angeles area. In East LA and Commerce there are miles and miles of industries that run various processes and you can imagine that recycling wastewater is of premium concern both for the savings of water, and the cost of disposing of waste materials.

Problem Solved with DAF Airwhip Technology

Enter the paper company. They had done some online research and called on Keystec to solve the problem that had arisen from trying to solve another problem.

The paper company produces recycled, post-consumer content cardboard, the sort that is used to package up your typical products from dry pasta to cardboard bases for shrink-wrapped goods. In an effort to recover more of the ink, clay, ash and debris from the water used in the paper making process, they had made adjustments to a chemical flocculant in the water. This seemed to work great- lots of material was floating to the surface in the processing tanks, but before very long at all, the operators realized that the flocculant was the consistency of chocolate mousse and there was lots of it. So much that it spilled over the collection tanks and processing byproduct ran onto the basement and everywhere.

It left lots of clay in the tanks too. A big mess.

We arrived on a Tuesday morning and met with the folks there and had a look at the so called DAF they were operating. It was using an old style cavitation pump, sucking air into the pump and spinning it out via centrifugal force, producing some fairly large sized bubbles. In essence, instead of creating a flocculant, they were creating big bubbles with coagulant clinging to it.

Oops! We’ve got it a little backwards here. True dissolved air flotation creates microscopic bubbles and they collect around relatively large flocculant particles and float them to the surface where the flocculant has the consistency of oatmeal, not chocolate mousse! They needed the proper three stage process of coagulation, flocculation and dissolved air flotation. Their pump wasn’t going to do the job with the single flocculation turned coagulation stage they were using, neither would it do much with a better flocculation with a two stage process because the bubbles were like beach balls compared to what’s needed for dissolved air flotation.

We recommended the Keystec Airwhip pump for its perfect application to this problem and its longevity compared to standard DAF pumps.

Soon this company will be returning much of this paper by-product back to the new product and returning clear water to their system.

Result? Savings from reduced downtime, savings from reduced sewage fees and savings from reduced disposal of paper byproducts that should be re-integrated with new product.


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