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Innovative Cost Saving Solutions To Waste Water Problems

Ready For Hurricane Season? Call Dan Keys

Ready for hurricane season? Of course, we’re not but it’s coming with its wind and waves. What will this do to the oil floating on top of the gulf? It will emulsify much of it, mixing it and dispersing it into such small particles that its electrochemical forces of like charges will suspend each particle in a force field of its own charge, repelling nearby particles with like charges away. The oil, though not chemically bonded to the water stays mixed, creating a sludge of tiny particles that can only be dealt with on a microscopic level. Some of this microscopic environment includes microbes that will readily eat the oil but then there are the little problems of waste and depleted oxygen. Now you have suspended oils, suspended proteins and depleted oxygen. A perfect environment for… nothing. No fish, no wildlife, just a growing dead zone in the gulf. If the problem spreads to wetlands, then you’ll have dead zones forming there as well.

Dissolved air flotation can be applied to these areas and the oil and microbe waste can be collected around the air bubbles and skimmed off. Now what’s needed are long lasting, high rate, high volume capable pumps that can handle the millions of gallons long term.

Enter the Air whip pump by Keystec.DAF pumps that defy common design and outlast most DAF pumps on an exponential scale.

More information at the Keystec website for: DAF pumps.